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RSArrayUtil Installation


Rapid and Secure Development.

What is RSD?

RSD is a development environment that makes PHP appliction development faster and more secure. RSD provides:

RSDEngine - The Core Component

The basic idea of the RSDEngine is to sepeate things that change from things that do not. What does change in every application is the data that is managed with it - the database design. But what does not change, is the way this data is created, updated, selected or deleted. Everything or let's say the most of the things that 'stay the same' can be therefore generated. The rest is analysis and cannot be performed by a computer but by an analyst - a database designer! The RSDEngine needs the result of the analysis - the database design - and a few other configuration options as input and outputs an implementation of this analysis based on a very modular and flexible design.

Target Audience

The primary target of RSD is to increase the productivity of rather small development teams (2 - 10 developers). if your development team is learger that 10, RSD might still be a great help but you should consider additionally using CVS. But for a lot of small companies CVS is not really an option because the HTML-guy or the graphic designer will refuse to learn CVS.

About the Author

I am working in a small company developing database applications with PHP and MySQL or Oracle. I do as well all the Linux system adminstration necessary to keep our applications running. The other half of the week I am studying law at the University of Vienna which turned out to be as much fun as programming because in the end, it's all about logics. Luckily I am also as successful in my studies as in my job.

Please feel free to contact me by writing to Have fun! Lukas Feiler

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RSArrayUtil Installation

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